10 Simple Rules for a Healthier Life

Some of you may think you know the solution to being healthier. Some of you may not have a clue. One thing that is true for everybody is that the same healthy rules apply for everybody. Yes, everybody is different and their bodies react differently to different health scenarios, but each healthy rule that is followed will still get you on the path to a healthy life.

10 Simple Rules for a Healthier Life

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Although we do call them rules it is probably best to look at them as guidelines. We all live different lifestyles and have different body types so not everything should be set in stone.

However, these guidelines do apply to everyone that wishes to be healthier. It’s just that some people can get away with more things than others.

1. Less Alcohol, More Tea

Rule for healthier life

Alcohol can be a great way to unwind for most people. You may have said, after a long day at work, “Man, I really need a drink.” Alcohol can put you in a mood where you have no cares or worries. However, alcohol isn’t going to do much for your health. Too much of it can be very damaging to your health. That is why when you do drink it, it’s recommended that you drink it in moderation. Some alcohol, like red wine, can actually have some health benefits but only when it’s consumed moderately.

Drinking more tea isn’t going to give you the kind of buzz that alcohol does, but it has more benefits than drawbacks. There is a tea out there for almost anything health related. If you don’t believe me, you should try these recipes and see for yourself. Your body will respond better to specific tea remedies.

You gain much more from tea than you do alcohol. Alcohol may give you a better feeling after a long, hard day, but tea is what will keep your body clean and running like a machine.

2. Less Meat, More Vegetables

Rule for healthier life

For those of you that aren’t vegetarians or vegans, you more than likely love meat. Meat gives you protein. Your body needs protein to function properly.

Too much meat is going to cause some problems, though. It may be related to your cholesterol, maybe your blood pressure, or maybe even your heart.

This is why you need to have more vegetables in your life. Veggies help balance out all the “bad” that meat can cause. They usually tend to have more in them that will give you so much more when it comes to your health.

If you are worried about your protein intake, you don’t always have to look towards meat. Here are some non-meat alternatives that are packed with protein. These choices may be better than having meat because of the extra benefits they will provide.

3. Less Salt, More Vinegar

Rule for healthier life

Your body definitely needs salt in its system, but many people consume too much of it. Having too much salt leads you down the wrong path with your health.

Salt (also known as sodium) can help with the balance of fluids in your body that hydrate your cells. However, having too much salt will dehydrate you. The balance can be thrown off completely and you can lose fluids much faster than you normally would. Your blood pressure will also increase, which can lead to a lot more problems including ones that deal with your cardiovascular health.

Vinegar, although taste horrible by itself, will help counteract some of the side effects of having too much salt. It can also do some of the same things that salt does for your body.

One main thing that vinegar does for your body is help regulate blood pressure. On top of this, it can also play a major role in weight loss.

Not only does regular vinegar give you these benefits, but something that is starting to gain more steam surrounding an individual’s health is apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is able to give you so many health benefits. To find out all of these benefits you should look here and bring this liquid into your life.

4. Less Sugar, More Fruit

Rule for healthier life

By sugar, we mean added sugar because there are a lot of foods out there that contain natural sugars that are beneficial to your body. Added and refined sugars are what lead to problems.

Added sugar helps your body create more fat cells. This is not something you want unless you are trying to add fat to your body, which doesn’t seem like something anybody wants to do. To live a healthier lifestyle, the less fat cells you have around your body, the better.

You don’t have to cut out the sugar completely, though. Some of us really love our dosage of candy or some other form of refined sugar. If you really need to have sugar in your diet, here are some reasons why you can keep it there.

Instead of sugar, try having more fruit. Fruit has this amazing ability to satisfy your sweet cravings. Whenever you are wanting a candy bar or gummy bear, try having an apple or strawberry. Fruit does a great job of curbing your cravings.

Fruit provides you with a bunch of vitamins and minerals that refined sugars can’t give you. If you look at the health benefits of fruit and refined sugars, it’s like night and day. There is no comparison.

5. Less Eating, More Chewing

Rule for healthier life

You don’t necessarily have to eat less, but chewing more is going to lead to eating less. So, they go hand in hand with each other.

The more you chew your food, the easier it is for your body to digest and absorb what you’ve just eaten. It will be able to get all of the benefits and nutrients. Chewing is a pre-digestive process that will break the food down into portions that your intestines can handle much easier.

The more work you do chewing, the easier things will be in your intestines. There will be fewer complications with your digestive system.

Your body usually takes about 20 minutes to get that full feeling when you are having a meal, so the slow chewing will almost stop you from overeating. When you don’t overeat, it will be harder for you to gain weight.

6. Less Words, More Action

Rule for healthier life

From experience, most people are all talk and no walk. People love saying that they will do something or they’re a certain way, but when it comes down to it, they don’t do anything.

Change isn’t going to happen if you don’t take action. It all starts with you. There really isn’t anything that is holding you back from achieving a healthier lifestyle. Most of the health journey is mental. The physical aspects of the health journey is the easy part. Sticking with a healthy regime is what’s really difficult.

If you are looking to be the person that is no longer all talk, look at this 28-Da Weight Loss Challenge. If you can’t follow every guideline in this article by yourself, the weight loss challenge will put you on the right path to a healthy lifestyle. Your body will change for the good.

It takes discipline and mental strength to be consistently healthy. Being healthy isn’t a race that has an end. It’s more like a marathon where there is no finish line. If you are able to stay with a good pace of health, your body will reward you. If you start slacking with your health, your body will start to break down faster than the people around you.

7. Less Greed, More Giving

Rule for healthier life

Surprisingly, not everything that deals with your health has something to do with you. Sometimes, it has to do with others. More specifically, it has to do with you giving to others.

Don’t be so greedy in life. It’s good to give to others, whether they are less fortunate or not. When you give to others something triggers in your mind and you feel better about yourself. You are a happier person.

People that are actually happy have healthier lives. I understand that there are a lot of people that are seemingly happy, but on the inside, they really aren’t. This is why you should try to give more and think about yourself less.

If you aren’t that happy, doing good for somebody else can at least put you on a path towards happiness. Happiness leads your body to a better state of health.

8. Less Worry, More Sleep

Rule for healthier life

Worrying and stress can lead to a lot of health problems, namely when it comes to your heart and digestive system. I’m not exactly sure how to explain it, but there are a lot of links to stress and health problems. If you look at a lot of head coaches in every sport, you’ll see that they have health problems and take quite a bit of medication because of how the amount of stress they are constantly under.

Sleeping is something that can greatly reduce stress. It can reset your body and mind. Your body needs proper sleep because this is when your body takes the time to recover from everything you’ve done during the day. This is also a time where your body can burn fat, adding to the health benefits.

Worrying causes you to miss out on a lot of what is actually going on in your life. You won’t be able to enjoy certain aspects as much as you could. Don’t let worrying consume you. Get proper sleep and a lot of the stress will be eased.

9. Less Driving, More Walking

Rule for healthier life

In today’s society, we rely on convenience for about everything we do. Cars are a good example because they make getting around to places way easier.

If you live less than a mile from the grocery store, you probably never even thought about walking just because it’s not as “convenient” as driving. Why walk 10 minutes when you can drive and get there in 2 minutes? It makes sense.

For your health, walking may not seem like it does much, but it has its benefits. Think about it, you probably spend most of your day sitting down anyway, walking 10 minutes to the store isn’t going to hurt you, it can only help.

Walking is also great for clearing your mind. It gets rid of any clutter you may have stored up there. Maybe you’re having a problem in other aspects of your life, you are more than likely going to be able to figure out the solution. This of course, leads to less stress and we know how beneficial that can be.

10. Less Anger, More Laughter

Rule for healthier life

Angry people always seem to not be having a really good life. Laughter can be the best cure for many situations. It may not help get rid of any diseases, but it does boost your mood and your body reacts differently when it’s in a good mood.

It seems pretty simple, right? It’s because it is. Just laugh. Laughing not only helps with your health, but it makes things better for the people around you. Everybody’s mood will improve and this will somehow help their health too. It’s a chain reaction that only does everyone good.

Follow the Rules

These rules aren’t hard to follow. They should be relatively easy to stick with. Now, they may not seem like traditional ways to improve your health, but they work.

Notice we didn’t mention working out that much? That’s because these rules lay the foundation for you when you’re ready to start making drastic changes to your health. These rules are something that you do not need to pay for or search hard to find. They are simple and will put your body in the state it needs to be in.

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