3 Day Detox Diet Plan: How to Do a Carb Detox the Easy Way

It’s possible to reset your body from all of the bad carbs you’ve had with a 3 day detox diet.

No matter who you ask about losing weight they will tell you that carbs are the #1 thing you need to take care of. Carbohydrates are those sneaky things that we let into our daily routines that somehow end up causing us trouble.

The problem with carbs is that they get converted into glycogen which is used for energy. Energy is good, right? Yes, energy is good, but only when it is used.

The problem many people have is that they consume more carbs (and therefore produce more glycogen) than their body can burn. When there is an excess amount of glycogen then your body converts that into fat.



That is why you see some people that look like they can eat anything and not gain any weight while you might eat a muffin and put on 50 lbs.

If your metabolism can’t keep up with your carbohydrate intake then you are setting yourself back.

This is why a carb detox can be a very good thing. It helps to reset your body and give you a fresh start on things.

What Is a Detox?

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Some people think that you can’t completely detox your body. There is no possible way to truly flush out all of the bad things and that might be true, but that isn’t important. The idea behind this detox is that you flush out a good portion of the bad stuff to give your body a fresh start.

You are going to change the past 20 years of eating over 3 days.

So in this case, a detox is simply the process of both abstaining and ridding the body of toxic substances.

The result will be better health and energy for you.

Why Do Most Detox Diet Plans Fail?

Most people can easily see the value in doing a detox, but that doesn’t mean it works out for them. There are a lot of different detox diet plans out there that make you do a ton of crazy things.

These plans fail simply because they are too complicated.

You are introducing a detox plan into your life because you want to feel better. That means both mentally and physically. If you are forced to do something crazy complicated then that doesn’t help you out mentally at all.

A lot of these detox diet plans also don’t produce results. If you aren’t seeing the results you were promised then why should you even bother with these things?

Great detox diet plans consist of two things: results and simplicity.

You want something that is easy that also produces great results.

That is what we are looking to do here with this detox plan.

The logic behind this detox plan is that you want to minimize the hormonal responses that you put your body through with your fluctuating diet while also maximizing healthy nutrient uptake.

No bad carbs will be eaten during this process.

Alert, Alert, No Bad Carbs

Saying “no bad carbs for 3 days” sounds easy because it is an easy thing to say. In theory, depending on your daily routine it is a bit harder. It’s quite possible that you’ve eaten a bagel for the past 20 years and that is an old habit that is hard to break.

What about all the good stuff you put in your coffee? Chances are you’ll have to stop with that as well for a bit.

For this reason, you want to make sure you plan this out and are prepared. Don’t read this post and decide that you are going to start right this minute. If you don’t have the supplies handy to counter all of your old carbohydrate habits then you will find yourself in a world of trouble.

The reason why you are going to cut out these bad carbohydrates is because you are probably already filled up with glycogen and it’s time for your body to stop producing more. This is also going to help your insulin levels to drop and leptin to increase.

What Type of Results Can You Expect from Doing a Carb Detox?

You aren’t going to try any type of diet plan unless it can produce results.

In the three days that you partake on this diet detox don’t be surprised to drop 3-4 pounds.

Most of this will be excess water weight that you will shed. This water is being held onto by the carbs in your system so it’s time to set that water free. The other weight will be fat that is moving around.

You will also experience a huge energy boost. Many of us have trained our bodies to depend on carbohydrates for energy, but that also means that we are accustomed to periods of drowsiness from sugar crashes. When you can train your body to no longer rely on carbs you will find that you feel a lot more refreshed.

You can consider this clean energy.

A word of warning for you. The first couple of days will probably suck. Your body is used to a certain way of living and you are suddenly going to put it through some shock. For some people, this can mean headaches and a bit of drowsiness as your brain tells you that it needs the donut for survival.

You have to be prepared to fight through this and if you can, you will end up feeling better at the other end. Your body will start to better absorb the awesome nutrients that you are giving it which means better energy overall.

Most importantly, this diet will leave you with a sense of confidence. If you can get through it (you definitely can), you will know that you can complete any challenge you face. You might also start to notice a chance in your appearance for the better.

All of this sounds great, doesn’t it? It does!

Let’s get started with the plan.

3 Day Detox Diet Plan

3 days. That’s all you need to get through. You can do this.

The world believes in you.

Day 1. The 24-Hour Fast

Whoa, whoa, whoooooa.

A fast?

How are you going to start this plan with a fast? Aren’t those bad for you?

Actually, they are surprisingly healthy. The term fasting gets a bad rap because it’s usually associated with an ridiculously long period of time.

In this plan, you are just going to do a 24-hour intermittent fast. So if you eat at 6pm tonight, then you don’t eat again until 6pm tomorrow.

It’s not that bad, but it is a challenge.

The act of fasting has been shown to have a number of positive benefits. These include:

  • Lower insulin
  • Increased metabolism
  • Lower lood pressure
  • Improved craving control
  • Increase brain function and focus
  • Weight loss

The only thing that matters when it comes to eating is that you get the right nutrients into your body at the right amount. This means that eating 4 meals a day isn’t better than eating 1 or 30. Your body simply needs the nutrients it needs.

So how do you accomplish this 24-hour fast? You need a gameplan.

At 6pm (or 5pm if you want to eat earlier the next day) on the night before you start your plan, you will have your last meal for the next 24 hours. You won’t touch food again until 6pm the next day.

However, that doesn’t mean that you are going to completely deprive your body of everything. There are drinks that you can consume to help ease the pain of not eating.

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Lemon water
  • Matcha green tea

Apple cider vinegar (with water) and lemon water help to suppress your appetite. If you 100% feel you need coffee, then black coffee is acceptable.

Your First New Meal

Once you the 24 hours is up, what do you get to eat? People tend to go two different routes here:

  1. Eat everything they did before because the fast was hard and they deserve an award
  2. Eat high-quality proteins and low-carb vegetables

If your goal is to stick with this plan then you will want to go with route #2.

So what constitutes as high-quality protein and low-carb vegetables?

High-Quality Proteins

3 day carb detox diet
  • Whey protein
  • Lean chicken breast
  • Grass-fed, lean beef
  • Whole eggs
  • Salmon
  • Cod
  • Turkey

You can cook these any way you want with the exception of deep frying.

Low-Carb Vegetables

3 day detox diet
  • Broccoli
  • Asparagus
  • Beets
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Cauliflower
  • Celery
  • Kale
  • Mushrooms
  • Tomatoes
  • Spinach
  • Peppers
  • Onions
  • Squash

How do you cook these fine vegetables? Steamed, microwaved, raw, and boiled are all acceptable methods. If you want to add a bit of flavor then don’t hesitate to add extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil to the mix. Feel free to lightly salt and pepper them as well.

Day 2. It’s All About the Vegetables

This day is dedicated to replenishing all of the nutrients and vitamins that you have depriving your body of. To fix this you are going to consume nothing but the vegetables listed above.

If this sounds like a drag then you are in the wrong frame of mind. This is great because you get to be creative and find new ways to prepare these veggies. Not only are you working on creating a happier body, but you are also working on learning new cooking methods.

This might be the best diet plan ever!

You can decide when you want to consume your vegetables. If you wish to break them up into 4-5 meals throughout the day then go for it.

What should you drink? The same approved drinks that you had on day 1.

Day 3. Bringing Back the Protein

On this day you are going back to the protein that you had on day 1. The goal here is to have two meals with 25g of protein in it.

The exact same rules apply to the protein as they did on day 1 so don’t pull out the ribs and slather them with BBQ sauce.

If you are doing 4 meals a day then meals 1 and 3 can have the protein.

It’s your call. Just make sure you get the recommended 25g of protein in you. There are a number of different apps that can help you make sure you are getting the protein that you need.

All Done

That’s it. Nothing complicated at all about this diet plan. You just have to make sure you are prepared. Don’t start today if you don’t have your proteins and vegetables ready. The worst thing you can do is go to the grocery store while doing this plan on an empty stomach.

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