The Struggle Is Real in All of Us

I’ve started and stopped working out more times than I can count and I can count pretty high. For one reason or another it just never works out. I have the best of intentions and I get off to a good start, but that start doesn’t last.

It sucks.

It sucks because I look at myself and wonder why am I not doing what I know I should be doing?

Why am I drinking this soda that is providing absolutely zero value to my life?

Why did I have to eat the whole tub of sorbet again?

When I wake up I know that I should go to the gym. I see my wife and brother go and that should be motivation enough, but I’ve skipped out enough times that it’s become acceptable for me not to go.

I’ve seen myself in the mirror enough times to know that I might have to buy a bra soon and that my belly pops out not because of gas, but because of fat.

It’s Quite Simple

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As you know, the concept of getting fit is really simple.

  1. Eat right
  2. Work out properly
  3. Drink water
  4. Get sleep

It’s not like there is a laundry list of steps you need to keep track of. It’s right there in front of you. Do those 4 things consistently and you are good to go.

But the struggle is real in all of us.

You see, even though those 4 things are easy to remember, there are things in our lives that block us. The fourth item on that list says you need to get some sleep, but how do you get any sleep if you’re worried about your rent check bouncing or your partner just left you?

How do you eat right when your boss has you working extra hours to finish a deadline?

How do you work out properly when everyone just stares at you or tries to get your number?

Challenges in All Directions

These are some of the things we don’t think of when we plan to start our fitness journey. In our heads, the scenario always works out perfectly. We see the 4 items on the list and we have a plan of attack to ensure that all of them get checked off daily.

But rarely does life work out perfectly. Instead, you are constantly presented with struggles. Some emotional, some mental, some external, and some just batshit crazy.

It’s not fair because everyone else at the gym looks to be well on their way to fitness happiness. You go on Instagram and it’s nothing but bullshit posts of perfect bodies. Why don’t they have the struggles that you have? Why do they have it so easy?

They don’t.

You’re Not Alone

It’s important to remember, you aren’t the only one with these struggles. Every single person you come across that is trying to get better is going through a struggle or has gone through one (or many).

When I look at my brother I wonder why doesn’t he have to struggle with watching what to eat? Why does he get to eat anything he wants and still maintain the body he wants? It’s not fair. He has no struggle.

But I know he does.

Same with my wife.

Her willpower is ridiculous. If she decided that she was going to fast and only drink water for a week she would do it. It’s not fair. Why doesn’t she have to struggle with willpower issues like I do? Because that isn’t her struggle. She has other ones that she needs to fight.

You can’t compare your struggles to others because everybody’s struggles are personal to them. Sure you might have shitty boss struggles like the cute guy at the gym, but that doesn’t mean they can relate or should relate to them. Your struggle is your struggle, but just realize you are not alone in facing struggles daily.

I battle getting enough sleep because I like to work late. I struggle not getting that sugary snack thinking it won’t do much harm. I struggle motivating myself to punish my body another day.

I struggle and I know you struggle as well.

I’m with you and you’re with me.

Don’t Let Them Defeat You

There is no one solution that solves all the struggles you will face. I think the best you can do is understand that those struggles don’t have to get in the way of your goals. There is always something that can be done and if you are determined enough you’ll figure it out.

It’s going to be hard. It’s going to be hard as hell for me, but I know I can start somewhere.

I need to love myself. I need to value myself.

When I do that I can see the importance of the stuff I am trying to do. I understand why I need to get myself out of bed when I’m tired and sick. I understand why I need to push myself a bit further today than I did yesterday. I understand why I’m not really sacrificing the good things, but instead I’m gaining the great things.

Because I love myself. Because I value myself.

I’ve come to accept that every day will present itself with a new struggle, but I have not come to accept that I can’t conquer it in some way. It’s just part of the battle that you and I will fight together.

Your struggles can’t defeat you. It’s impossible for them to do so. However, you can defeat yourself, but you love yourself too much to do that. Your value to the world is too powerful for any of those struggles to win.

Today I introduce new struggles into my life and today those struggles will know they are wasting their time. Go bother someone else because I’m not having it today, tomorrow, or any day after that.

The struggle is real in all of us, but so is the fight.

You are not alone in this battle and you never will be.

Let’s do this.

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